Oct 22, 2009

Video shows bus driver working puzzle

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 21 (UPI) -- A Canadian bus driver faced possible discipline Wednesday after a passenger took a video of him allegedly doing a Sudoku puzzle while driving.
The unidentified employee of the Coast Mountain Bus Co., which operates municipal routes in Surrey was driving a bus Monday afternoon when passenger Gordon McDonald allegedly used his cell phone to record his actions.
"I can understand if you're driving and eating something, but we're talking about someone doing a complex numerical puzzle and trying to drive," McDonald told CTV News.
McDonald said he rides that route once a week and claims he saw the same driver reading last week as he drove through a heavy rain storm.
He said he posted his concerns on the regional transit authority's Web site and also uploaded the video to the YouTube online video sharing site.
Coast Mountain spokesman Derek Zabel told CTV he couldn't comment on what the company's plans were for the driver involved.

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